Thursday, September 16, 2010


Welcome! Maureen and I thought it would be nice to create a space where we could relate some of our many birding and other wildlife-related adventures. Although we've only been at it for less than two years, we try to spend our free time together outdoors, and interesting situations inevitably turn up. Rather than relegate these memories to our already overly bloated photo albums, we would much rather share some of our experiences with you! 

Despite the relatively brief time as birders, Maureen and I have already accumulated life lists of 229 and 227, respectively (192 and 191 inside the area considered to be North America by the American Birding Association). Each new bird poses its own set of challenges, whether it's trying to pin down the identity of an unexpected new find, or seeking out a new species within a particular habitat type during a particular time of year. This is what we've loved doing, and now it's also what we'll love writing about. We hope we successfully convey some of our enthusiasm for this passion of ours, and, even more, we hope that some of it rubs off.

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