Saturday, October 9, 2010

What Bird is at the Top of Your Wish List?

Hello to all our new readers who found us for the first time this week, and many thanks to 10,000 Birds and others for your support! While we may not know you yet, we sincerely hope that you'll continue to read about our adventures at Hipster Birders, and that we can find ways of connecting with birders around the world using this space. 

In the past few days, we have had readers from four continents, and it occurred to us that while we're all united by a common passion, there must be a tremendous range of target birds amongst everyone based on their everyone's own location, experience, and birding goals. Say 'hello' by leaving a comment bellow telling us what the next bird on your wish list is!

For Maureen, it's a Peregrin Falcon
And for me, it's Whooping Cranes

What's at the top of your wish list?


  1. Hi hipsters,

    Great blog! Check out mine:

    I think I like yours better.

    Harpy Eagle is at the top of my wish list, but I'm not longer in right continent for that, so make it a Golden Eagle.


  2. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the comment! Harpy Eagle is a beautiful bird - I hope we're fortunate enough to see one ourselves someday.

    Also, great blog! I look forward to reading more in the future