Friday, December 3, 2010

Featured Feathered Friend - Palm Warbler

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts in the past week. We've been busy with traveling and visiting family for Thanksgiving. I hope this little guy can make up for it. Here is this week's Featured Feathered Friend, the Palm Warbler! We have the privilege of seeing many of these guys during the winter months here in South Florida. 

I photographed this little cutie back in February of 2009 at Green Cay Wetlands. He was hanging about in a little strip of shady oak trees that Nick and I fondly refer to as "Warbler Row." As I'm sure many of you know, these little guys can be very difficult to photograph as they are constantly flitting about, chirping along the way. This particular Palm Warbler (Western variety) was especially well behaved. He let me take many pictures of him as he would stay still and pose in different ways. I especially liked this photograph of him with the lighting and his model pose. 

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  1. He is a cute little guy! I want to do my nursery in baby-bird theme. I'm going to add this photo to my inspiration folder. :)