Monday, June 18, 2012

Featured Feathered Friend: Baby Edition! - Downy Woodpecker

Here's a little quickie FFF post to highlight the delight of seeing all the new baby birds that I'm sure many of you have been experiencing lately. I know that Nick and I have been coming across all kinds of new baby birds in the past few weeks, including warbler chicks, like Northern Parulas and Pine Warblers, that we never got to see when we lived in South Florida.

Dad with bits of bugs still left on his bill after dropping off food to the little one

"Hey, where are you going?!?"

So speaking of South Florida, we had spotted a Downy Woodpecker chick right in front of our apartment in Boca Raton back in May 2009. We had noticed a couple of Downy Woodpeckers hanging around the trees in our parking lot, which was such a treat to see in itself. But we were even more delighted when we discovered that the Downy Woodpecker pair had nested right in the tree just steps away from our front door. We first heard the anxious chatter of the chicks as they were awaiting mom or dad to bring in some food. And then we finally got a peek of a chick as he poked his head out to see what the delay was for more lunch.

Downy chick and adult

"Yum yum, gimme some!"

This little guy gave us great looks at his Downy Woodpecker sweetness. This chick showed off his bright red cap as he looked around for mom and dad. These are already one of the cutest woodpeckers as they are the smallest, add to that a baby one, and you've got cuteness to the 10th power! I fondly and clearly remember sometimes opening the front door to be pleasantly perked up by the sound of this baby Downy calling. I think I giggled with joy every time. Such a sweet and desperate little cry.

Sweet little face =)

Oh so hungry!


  1. Ah jadore jadore!

    These mini Woodpeckers certainly make themselves easy to love. It's interesting that the chick already has read on the head. I would've expected that to be one of the last things to develop, like after it had left the nest. Intriguing.

    1. Yeah, it is interesting about the red already on their heads, and on their crown, too. Makes you go hmmmmm...

  2. Great pics of the baby love his little red head