Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baby Bird Bonanza!

You may be wondering why your Hipster Birders aren't posting so much. Well, I've had the good fortune of getting a job, and a fun one at that. I'm currently working as a part-time Naturalist for a Georgia State Park. And just because I can't sit still, I got a second part-time job working at a local Wild Birds Unlimited. Both jobs have such a blast. I've only been at Wild Birds for 2 days, but I've already had an awesome time. The work is fun, but what was especially wonderful today is that the manager volunteers as an orphan bird rehabilitator, and she brought in a bunch of baby birds that she's taking care of. It was oh so magical. She had with her fledglings of an Eastern Bluebird, an Eastern Kingbird, a Purple Martin, about 9 Chimney swifts, and what appeared to be a Prairie Warbler fledgling. There was also a freshly hatched Bluebird that looked no bigger than my thumb. I just gushed over their sweet cries of hunger and need of care. My heart just melted.

Eastern Kingbird and Purple Martin Chick hanging out

The sweet 82-year old woman who has dedicated her days and nights taking care of orphaned birds in the area also came in and was welcomed by a slew of people bringing in baby birds that they found on the ground after a big storm blew through town a couple of nights ago. Although the store is not an official drop-off place for orphan birds, there was some agreement made to let these people bring in these tiny, defenseless birdies. One of my coworkers is also getting in on the game and taking care of a Starling chick since it's not a native bird and one doesn't need to be certified to rehab one, or even keep one as a pet. This one is quite the character. 

Chimney Swift Chicks

The loudest little babies ever!

The highlights of all the sweet babies I saw was a Mississippi Kite Fledgling. It's not everyday that I could see a raptor chick. He was just the cutest little thing and quite pooped from all of the excitement. And those swifts... I've never heard a baby anything ever make so much noise in all of my life. They were EXTREMELY loud, but they have to be since they're usually tucked away deep inside a chimney. But it seemed to make me just love them even more. 

Mississippi Kite baby

Luckily I had my phone to take pics and document this splendid day. I commend these ladies and all rehabbers for all that they do. It definitely takes a lot of dedication and a big heart to do what they do. Who knows, maybe I can even be a part of this great group of people some day.


  1. I was hoping for a bonanza! Never seen any of these chicks before, but now you've handled Mississippi Kites and Chimney Swifts! You're part of an elite group now Ranger Leong-Kee.

    If you brought the Kite home, adopted it, and named is Jeffrey...well I wouldn't blame ya.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. But any way, yes, it was really fantastic to see and interact with these baby birds! I wish I could have adopted that kite - he was too cute. I could train him to eat the bugs that fly around me. =)