Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tying the Knot

I know, you're going through Hipster Birders withdrawal, and it's killing you. Well, we are trying to get back into the swing of things, but life has been getting in the way. But all good things, of course! As you may have surmised from this post's title.... We're tying the knot! =D So there's been lots of excitement lately, and much more hullabaloo to come. But we are going to try our best to squeeze in our birding tales between wedding planning.

So, in celebration of our future tying the knot, we're going to show you pictures of, what else but.... Red Knots! We had the complete and utter joy of seeing these traveling shorebirds from very close distances not too long ago on the shores of our local beach on Tybee Island. This past late August, after hearing reports of these beauties appearing at our beach, we had to go check them out. And boy oh boy, we were not disappointed. The only other times we have seen Red Knots have been from VERY far distances when we had to stare and squint very hard through binoculars (before having our scope) while looking back and forth from our field guide to figure out that what we were looking at were indeed Red Knots.

Well, there was no doubt about it this time! These rounded-bellied shorebirds were right out in the open, and some of them even had lingering evidence of their notable rusty hues. We giggled and squealed with delight at the sight of these Red Knots casually walking by just feet away from us.

And Tybee Island beach, being the wonderful place that it is, had other lovely migrants to show off during this nice early spike in migration. We had a Western Sandpiper amongst a number of Semipalmated Plovers and a Common Tern standing out amongst the crowd of the usual masses of Royal Terns.

So as we ride into the sunset together, we hope you continue to enjoy the chronicles of the Hipster Birders that you know and love.


  1. I feel slightly less lame saying it here than on Facebook, so, CONGRATULATIONS Y'ALL!

    Way to get the Red Knots in too. Those Hipster Birders never pass up a chance for word play. Maybe after y'all are knotted together you'll see some Noddies.

    Those Tern pictures are off the hook crazy awesome--sweet stuff.

    1. Thanks so much, Laurence! You know how we do love our word play. And I am pretty proud of those tern shots. =)