Monday, April 29, 2013

Cedar Waxwing Frenzy!

I have had the pleasure of witnessing flock after flock of Cedar Waxwings feeding on the numerous berry-filled trees that are sprinkled throughout the college campus where I work. It's usually your typical waxwing scene - hearing that distinctive hissy whistling as you see tight-knit but whimsical groups of waxwings fly in and out of trees. I enjoy knowing this little secret that goes on above me as most passers by pay no mind to anything that's going on around them, especially if it's not on the screen of their smart phone in front of them.

But the other day, I witnessed a whole new level of Cedar Waxwing craziness. In the trees in front of me, the leaves that are usually still or casually sway in the breeze started to take on new life.  I stopped dead in my tracks as I stood there in amazement as I watched what seemed like 150-200 waxwings swarming the trees in a frenzy! I had never seen Cedar Waxwing activity like this before. It was almost surreal and quite magical. You can watch this berry bonanza for yourself in this video. Be sure to watch the whole thing to get the full effect. And you have the lovely background sounds of a Pine Warbler and choppers to keep things even more interesting. Enjoy!

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