Sunday, May 10, 2015


I've become fairly taken with all things arachnid lately, starting from the time Maureen bought me a macro lens clip for my iPhone. During our weekend and evening outings, we try to keep our eyes out for spiders whenever things quiet down bird-wise, and every new find has been a fascination even though, 9 times out of 10, I simply haven't got a clue what I'm looking at. Most times they're patient subjects, but a spooked spider can make a quick getaway when it uses its eight legs to full advantage.

Sure, this post is an excuse to show off some the better spider shots I've taken over the past months, but I hope it will also serve as a resource for helping to identify some of the spider species around Oregon, and particularly the Willamette Valley. I'm working with volunteers at to put names these, and I'll continue to revise and update this page as my spider portfolio grows and we learn more about spider identification, life history, taxonomy, etc. So, without further ado, I say to our non-squeamish readers: enjoy!

Cross orbweaver - Araneus diadematus
Cyclosa conica

Running crab spider

Larinioides sp.

This is likely the same species as in the previous photo, but with a much better look at the "V" pattern on the abdomen

Pirata / Piratula

Wolf spider? We found this one running around a dirt path at Basket Slough NWR. It caught our eye because it looked like it was towing something along with it. That something was dozens of baby spiders clinging tightly to the adult's abdomen.

Tibellus sp. 
Jumping spider. Not sure what it's lugging around here, whether it's lunch or its offspring

Yellow sac spider?

Metellina curtisi

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